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  1. [Quang Nguyen]: [Modeling and Predicting English Premier League Goal Scoring]
  2. [Brendan T. Kumagai]: [Point Trend Values: An Analysis of Cumulative Point Production Among Junior Hockey Forwards]
  3. [Bria Cratty]: [Redefining the Penalty Kick: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?]
  4. [João V. R. Da Silva]: [The three eras of the NBA regular seasons: Historical trend and success factors] [Video]
  5. [Derek Lasker]: [Linear Regression Hockey Analysis]
  6. [Ryan A. Marinelli]: [Determinants of Baseball Player Salary and Performance]
  7. [Andrew D. Fenichel]: [To Bunt or Not To Bunt: the Situational Expected Value of Bunting Versus the Shift in MLB] [Video]
  8. [Parth Athale]: [Quantifying off-ball offensive movement in the NBA] [Video]
  9. [Abhishek Purohit]: [Assessing Fund Allocation for MLB Teams]
  10. [Fei Xing]: [How Does Data Science Preserve and Advance a Niche Game During COVID-19]
  11. [Hou-Cheng Yang]: [Bayesian Group Learning for Shot Selection of Professional Basketball Players]
  12. [Georgia Kasperowicz]: [What Makes a Football Player Run Slowly?]
  13. [Quinn Johnson]: [Quantifying How NBA Playoff Format Impacts Playoff Excitement]
  14. [Nate Rowan]: [The Whiff Effect: Do Pitchers Repeat a Pitch More Often After a Swing-and-Miss?] [Video]
  15. [Scott Powers]: [Does a Good Spring Increase the Mean? An Analysis of the Carryover Effect of MLB Players Spring Training Batting Performance to the Regular Season]
  16. [Michael Price]: [Analyzing the Effects of the NBA COVID Bubble on NBA Playoff Games and Implications About Home Court Advantage]
  17. [Lucas D. Godoy]: [Automatic Team Selection in a Fantasy Footbal (Soccer) Game]
  18. [Removed]: [Removed]
  19. [Jacob Klein]: [Examining Substitution Decision Making in the Canadian Premier League Using Machine Learning]
  20. [De Oliveira]: [Olympics versus Paralympic Games: comparative study]
  21. [Paul J. Ibrahim]: [Comparing Free-Throw Forms Among NBA Players Through 3D Similarity Measures]
  22. [Andrew Tammaro]: [Predicting the Next Great Quarterback Using R]
  23. [Alexander V. Chau]: [Efficiency Changes: An Analytical Look at the NBA's Mentality Shift]
  24. [Dylan T. Mcgee]: [Reclassifying Relief Pitchers]