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  1. [Sahithi Gangaram]: [Racism in Officiating in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association]
  2. [Richard Yu]: [Expert Elicitation: What information do mock drafts provide about the actual NBA draft?]
  3. [Yeeun Kim]: [How Much Luck Is Involved in Getting a Hit? A Study Using Decision Trees and Random Forests to Understand the Factors Influencing Batting Average on Balls In Play]
  4. [Jacob Klein]: [Bayesian Bradley-Terry Modeling with Multiple Game Outcomes with Applications to European and College Hockey]
  5. [David Teuscher]: [WNBA Adjusted Plus-Minus Models]
  6. [Billy Fryer]: [Rule Changes Affecting Extra Inning Game Length in the Pioneer Baseball League]
  7. [Cuong Nguyen]: [Ranking NCAA Men’s Basketball Teams Using Weighted PageRank]
  8. [Quang Nguyen]: [Concerns Regarding Sport Climbing Competition Format and Scoring System: Who's Suffering?]
  9. [Jae-Hyun Lee]: [A Bayesian Approach on Chess Openings]
  10. [Miles Kee]: [Money Lines and Moneyball: An Intersection of Betting and Analytics]
  11. [Rithic Kumar N]: [Are throw-ins important in soccer?]
  12. [Spencer Matthews]: [What Kinds of Doubles Volleyball Partnerships are Successful?]
  13. [Dovini Jayasinghe]: [The impact of exposure to different formats of Cricket on the performance of a Test Batter] [Video]
  14. [Stephen Parziale]: [Introducing Common Techniques to Address Issues within Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis: A National Football League Case Study]
  15. [Stephen Stanhope]: [Are money line odds in UFC matches calibrated? Evidence from events in 2019-2020]