ASA-JDS Webinar Series: Data Science in Action
in Response to the Outbreak of COVID-19

The global pandemic of COVID-19 presents challenges as well as opportunities for data scientists, many of whom are epidemiologists and statisticians, to make real-time and real-world impacts. A large body of new data and research results have accumulated rapidly to better understand COVID-19, its transmission, incubation, and impacts on public health, economics, environment, and society, as well as mitigation strategies and vaccine development. Data scientists are playing critical roles on many fronts such as forecasting and mapping the outbreak, predicting the needs of healthcare resources, designing clinical trials, surveying public anxiety level, and making policy recommendations, among others.

Initiated by the ASA Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science and the Journal of Data Science, and co-sponsored by the ASA Section on Statistical Computing, ASA Section on Statistics in Epidemiology, ASA Section on Statistical Graphics, National Institute of Statistical Science, New England Statistical Society, and Statistical Data Science Lab at UConn, this webinar series aims to promptly disseminate the newest data science methods, tools, and findings in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, facilitate the exchange of research ideas, and engage collaborations between data scientists and field experts worldwide to solve the COVID-19 crisis.


Cosponsorship, suggestions on the series, and recommendations of speakers are welcome. Please contact any member of the Organizing Committee.

Special Issue: "Data Science in Action in Response to the Outbreak of COVID-19", Journal of Data Science
  • Volume 18, Issue 3 (2020 July) available at, featuring 8 articles, two of which include discussions and rejoinders.
  • Another special issue on the same topic keeps accepting submissions.